May this creation, the love child of moxie and flair, 
tug at your heart like the witty one liners of a charming debonair.
For, I’m not as good with words, and it’s not fair,
quite klutzy writing my ‘About’, imagine my despair!
It’s in the name, you see, reminiscence of the childhood dare,
Sher Bache vibing the Superman feels, for kids to wear.
An inkling for vintage Victorian and opulent India there.
Pandemic born, with a message to share:
Handmade with natural yarns, got a planet to save and care.
I hear you must know ‘About’ me, that too seems fair,
you could call me Rehat with the great hair.
I got anxiety in left and so much art in my right hemisphere,
worked out well, maximising to adults and homeware!
Now shipping worldwide, at an added fare.
Thank you for the love and being a care bear.